About Bobbee


My name is Bobbee Pennington.

I am married to a wonderful man named Jim. We live in Bryan, Texas.

I am retired from working with children, teaching school and as a children’s librarian.

Jim teaches o-chem at Texas A & M University and does the TAMU Chemistry outreach program, the TAMU Chemistry Road Show.

I have a dear son, Justin, who lives in Austin.

Up in Michigan lives my sweet granddaughter Destiney, my grandson-in-heart, Kris and my great-granddaughters: Gracie, Paislee, and Heartlynn.

Also living in Michigan, is my baby sister, Carla and my nephew Aston and all of our other family.

Jim and I have three rescue dogs and assorted chickens in our backyard and stray cats in our front yard.

When i was growing up in NYC in midtown Manhattan i never envisioned my future of living in a little town in Texas with chickens in the back yard. 🙂

Jim and I are members of Grace Bible Church (Midtown Campus).




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