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To a famished man any bitter thing is sweet…


Love and love longed for-

Looking past a cold early spring

That offers nothing

But the wait.


In times of loneliness, I’ve wanted to steal

Winterberries: this bitter, pretty food

To satisfy hunger.



I heard my Master’s voice,

His Majesty’s command;

I leaned upon his arm

I took his hand


As He kindly led me away

In repentance and rest

I was saved.


With His arm of truth I defiled

These images of bitter fruit.


Broken down before His face,

In the kindness of His Grace

We behold His surpassing worth

Longing to be pure…


In his word and on our knees we’ve seen

These molten images for what they really were.


If left alone,

I would feed on poison

As bitter as a shining red


With its promises as dead

As any image I would marry.


Children, hope in your God

For only He

Can bring summer-sweet ripened fruits of love.


He will supply from His wealth

This God Who has carried us

Through winters and springs

Always promising better things

Than we could feed ourselves.


“Wait for the LORD;

Be strong and let your heart take courage;

Yes, wait for the LORD.”


Suddenly today

On this unexpected sunset walk

The air is sweet and warm

And joy arises in my heart.

A summer promise weaves in and out of every spring-warmed breeze


Sun-ripened afternoons of summer fruit to come;

True food, good food,

Warmed sweet in mid-summer sun.


Then I will eat freely

And with joy

I will wait for love’s yield,

The produce of God’s field.

Proverbs 27:7
Psalm 27:14


dreamstime_xs_182601025RandiGraceNilsberg_Lilacs     LILACS

In winter resignation

I lost my expectation

Of spring.


Yet suddenly spring appeared.

I was surprised by the lilacs this year.


Gathered, withered, discarded

In such a short time.


Since I am turning 40 I took unexpected walks

To admire the lilacs this year.

The sight and scent of lilacs

Gathered, withered, discarded, yet


I have deliberately enjoyed

The lilacs this year.




Carla me and Mama  My Sister & Child-song


Amidst midsummer heat and traffic noise

On a humid New York City afternoon…


Wisps of child-song

Ineffable tunes

Tiny sparrow sang.


Baby sister wore little red shoes

That buttoned on the side.

This tiny sparrow singing

Wisp of child-song

Ineffable tunes

A tenement song to the streets below.


“Look out the window and see

Look out the window and see.”


Tiny sparrow child

In her white nightgown

Her tiny songs rise

Above the tenement ground.



dreamstime_xs_129305616_Lightfieldstudiosprod   To My Friend

My dear friend, this sacred clown*

Forever riding backwards in a hostile town.

Your endless hunger devours bitter for the sweet

Bereft within the void of unmet need.


How treacherous your lovers have been.

Loving you selfishly only now and then.

As you grow older they leave you

Bereft within the void of your unmet need.


Lonely clown

Forever riding backwards in a hostile town.

Jesus Christ can satisfy and fill

The lonely void of your unmet need

He can be the Physician of your soul.

* from Hopi tradition:
Isaiah 5:20
Proverbs 27:7




TV dreamstime

Dissipating images

Mirage across my mind

Giving birth to barren hopes

Miscarried upon time.

In chasing after emptiness

I’m becoming empty too.

Please turn my eyes from my TV

And turn my gaze to You.





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